ASECS11: Digital Humanities Caucus Roundtable

This roundtable will consider how digital tools and digital methodologies are shaping eighteenth-century studies. Participants might reflect on the following questions, applied to both students and faculty:

  • What sorts of new research and teaching models are emerging in the digital age?
  • What drawbacks should scholars and teachers be wary of as we are confronted with these new possibilities?
  • How are collaborative, interdisciplinary projects affected by the digital humanities?
  • What lessons might we learn for our use of twenty-first-century technologies from eighteenth-century observations about print technology’s influence upon learning, knowledge, and communication?
  • Conversely, in what ways does the media culture of the twenty-first century shape our understanding of the eighteenth?

Publishing Opportunity with SHARP

SHARP (the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing) has just begun a new review series on electronic scholarly resources.

If you (or one of your graduate students) would be interested in doing a 750-word review of an online scholarly resource (such as The Whitman Archive or The Cather Archive) or a subscription database (such as “African-American Newspapers: The 19th Century”), please contact Katherine Harris at Any questions can be directed towards Prof. Harris as well.

Society for Textual Scholarship 2011

A few months ago, Matt Gold posted a CFP to this list regarding the 2011 meeting of the Society for Textual Scholarship (which will be at Penn State on March 16-18; see Matt and I (mostly Matt) bounced around some ideas for a potential panel that the Digital Americanists could sponsor. These topics are:

— Digital Texts and the Spatial Turn
— Digital Textuality and Locative Media
— Social Media and the Digital Scholarly Edition

Is anyone interested in being a part of a panel for STS next year? Let me know at if you’re interested and we can pull together an official Digital Americanists panel. I should note that the deadline for proposals is Oct. 31, so I’d need to hear from you by at least the end of September if you’re interested.